Cinnamon Whiskey – 750 mL



Award: Winner of 2020 Bronze Medal from the American Craft Spirits Association.


Cinnamon Whiskey Meets Craft Standards. We never put any artificial colors or flavors in any of our spirits.


Wigle Cinnamon starts as regional wheat and malted barley grain that we procure directly from local farms. We mill and ferment in house, then distill in our copper pot still. After oak barrel resting, we infuse the spirit with whole, organic Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon and just a bit of sugar, resulting in a whiskey bursting with real cinnamon flavor and with a nice hefty kick. Serves up nicely neat, on the rocks, or as a base to your favorite whiskey cocktail.


Tasting Notes: cinnamon, wheat, malted barley


750 mL / 70 PROOF (35% ABV)

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