Whiskey Production and Pittsburgh History

At the Wigle Distillery & Tasting Room in the Strip District

Join us on Saturdays for a tour and spirit tasting! We’ll walk you through how we start with organic, local grain to produce a portfolio of award winning spirits. Throughout the tour we’ll regale you with the true tale of the Pittsburgh’s Whiskey Rebellion, one of the country’s quirkiest and most pivotal events.

The tour includes a cocktail to start, a hands on tour of our distillation process, a history of the Whiskey Rebellion told through the eyes of our namesake Philip Wigle, and a seated tasting of straight spirits. The total length of the tour is 1 hour and is limited in size to ensure a fun experience for everyone. The distillery gets quite warm in the summer, so dress accordingly!


17nov11:00 amNovember 17th At 11:00 AM

17nov12:30 pmNovember 17th At 12:30 PM

17nov2:00 pmNovember 17th At 2:00 PM

17nov3:30 pmNovember 17th At 3:30 PM

17nov5:00 pmNovember 17th At 5:00 PM

17nov6:30 pmNovember 17th At 6:30 PM

23nov11:00 amNovember 23rd At 11:00 AM

23nov12:30 pmNovember 23rd At 12:30 PM

23nov2:00 pmNovember 23rd At 2:00 PM

23nov3:30 pmNovember 23rd At 3:30 PM

23nov5:00 pmSold Out!November 23rd At 5:00 PM

23nov6:30 pmNovember 23rd At 6:30 PM

24nov11:00 amNovember 24th At 11:00 AM

24nov12:30 pmNovember 24th At 12:30 PM

24nov2:00 pmNovember 24th At 2:00 PM

24nov3:30 pmNovember 24th At 3:30 PM

24nov5:00 pmNovember 24th At 5:00 PM

24nov6:30 pmNovember 24th At 6:30 PM


01dec11:00 amDecember 1st At 11:00 AM

01dec12:30 pmDecember 1st At 12:30 PM

01dec2:00 pmDecember 1st At 2:00 PM

01dec3:30 pmDecember 1st At 3:30 PM

01dec5:00 pmDecember 1st At 5:00 PM

01dec6:30 pmDecember 1st At 6:30 PM

08dec11:00 amSold Out!December 8th At 11:00 AM

08dec12:30 pmDecember 8th At 12:30 PM

08dec2:00 pmDecember 8th At 2:00 PM

08dec3:30 pmDecember 8th At 3:30 PM

08dec5:00 pmDecember 8th At 5:00 PM

08dec6:30 pmDecember 8th At 6:30 PM

15dec11:00 amDecember 15th At 11:00 AM

15dec12:30 pmDecember 15th At 12:30 PM

Barrel Tasting Experience Tours

At the Wigle Barrelhouse & Whiskey Garden in the Northside

A new tasting experience at the Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse & Whiskey Garden this season! You’ll taste six exclusive products, including a cask strength Organic Pennsylvania Rye directly from the barrel, experimental barrel-finished spirits, and a sneak peek of our innovation pipeline. We’ll also walk through the science and art of barrel aging and transport you back to the 1800s to learn how Pittsburgh’s Rye Whiskey grew into a national phenomenon to fuel the businesses of Frick, Carnegie, and Mellon.

At the end of the tour, everyone will have the opportunity to practice using a whiskey thief to fill a bottle to take home from your favorite rye or bourbon barrel!

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