cHecK out tHe spirits

in tHis cocKtaiL

craft made cinnamon whiskey

Looking for a spicy, fresh, and local alternative for your fireball cocktails? Wigle’s Cinnamon gets lots of love from our production team, from start to finish! This spicy spirit begins as regional wheat and malted barley grain that we procure directly from local farms. We mill and ferment in house, then distilled in our copper pot still. After barrel resting the whiskey, we infuse our whiskey with cinnamon varieties Ceylon + Cassia, and just a bit of sugar. We never put any artificial colors or flavors in any of our spirits. The final product is a whiskey bursting with true cinnamon flavor and a nice, natural spice.

When it comes to cocktails, Wigle Cinnamon mixers are exceptionally diverse! Equally delicious added to coffee on a Sunday morning as it is poured neat while you’re huddled in front of a campfire, Cinnamon Whiskey will spice up your life morning, noon, and night!

This whiskey cocktail gives us nostalgic cereal milk vibes, the Cinnamon Whiskey Punch cocktail crafted by Wigle Bartenders is an impressive yet approachable cocktail to mix up at home! This whiskey cocktail recipe also features Wigle Afterglow Ginger whiskey and organic Molé Bitters – both naturally spicy in their own unique way. Cocktail recipes using fireball whiskey are often too sweet for the craft whiskey connoisseur, but we encourage whiskey lovers to taste this drink for its light sweetness and big bold flavor!


how to mix

  1. Shake all ingredients in a cocktail tin with ice until chilled for 10-15 seconds.
  2. Pour into a chilled collins or tulip glass filled with ice and enjoy!