Limoncello – 750 mL



Wigle Limoncello is a truly a Wigle take on the classic liqueur. For every batch we produce, Wigle employees and dedicated volunteers hand peel lemons which are then steeped in our made-from-scratch spirits with just the right amount of sugar for sweetness. The mixture is then filtered resulting in a well balanced and beautifully yellow liqueur.


Limoncello has some fun origin myths from Almalfi Coast fisherman sipping lemon liqueur to ward off the cold, an Isle of Capri innkeeper whose lemon drink spread far and wide, to monks enjoying sips of lemon liqueur in-between prayers. Regardless of contested origins of Limoncello, it has become an iconic spirit that is found across the Italian peninsula. There are many different versions of Limoncello produced, representing a wide spectrum of colors and flavors. It’s a lovely sipping liqueur after meals or can be used to make innovative and bright cocktails.


Tasting Notes: lemon, tart candy, meringue, buttercream


750 mL / 56 PROOF (28% ABV)

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