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Pictured: Wigle Holiday 3 Pack
Pictured: Wigle Airline Bottle Set

Alchohol Gift Sets for the cocktail lover in your life!

Jingle all the way to your holiday festivities with Wigle Whiskey in hand, no matter the destination! Wigle is proud to present our 2022 Season alcohol gift sets, starting with a 6-pack holiday box filled with airplane-friendly sized bottles! This soon-to-be favorite holiday gift set mixes up fantastically into many good alcoholic drinks! Wherever your travels take you, now you can bring our PA Straight Rye Whiskey to make a classic Rye Old Fashioned. Share a taste of Dutch Style Gin, and whip up an effervescent Gin and Tonic. Cozy up with those you love and a warming Cinnamon Whiskey Hot Toddy! 

The Perfect Cinnamon Whiskey Hot Toddy

Christmas Whiskey lovers: rejoice!

Around the holidays, spirits gifts are very popular! New from Wigle this Holiday Season, Yule Tidings is a fantastic Christmas present idea because it’s Wigle’s oldest spirit on shelves! Made from a blend of American Whiskey and honey spirits, known as Braggot, Yule Tidings was aged for 8 years and 6 months in new American Oak Barrels. An additional aging period of 9 months in freshly emptied beer barrels adds prominent tasting notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and pink peppercorn. A festive treat, neat or on the rocks, Yule Tidings is naturally sweet from the honey spirits. Jolly Yule Tidings is available as a single 375ml bottle or in a cocktail gift set the “Wigle Holiday 3 Pack”.  Also featuring St. Nick and Rudolph Whiskeys – it’s  a perfect gift for whiskey lovers and all ready to wrap up under the tree!

Looking for cocktail inspiration for this holiday spirit? Click through to the article below!

The Best Whiskey Eggnog Cocktail

Pictured: Wigle Yule Tidings
Pictured: Wigle Northern Exposure

Spirit gifts for holiday cheer

Need holiday gifts for whiskey lovers? Northern Exposure maple barrel finished Whiskey tops our whiskey lover gift list. To create this once-in-a-beautiful-winter Whiskey, we produce a lighter malt Whiskey from scratch at our Distillery. As we distill, we make cuts that highlight the honey and cocoa flavors of the malt grain. Malt whiskey differs from “usual” whiskeys in many ways.

This whiskey has a lighter-bodied, sweeter spirit, characterized by flavors of candied pecan, maple, cherrywood, and vanilla. These pair with the dark smokey caramel flavors from PA maple barrels to create a perfect spirit for cold winter nights. Light up any holiday celebration with a Northern Exposure Old Fashioned!!

Wigle’s Strip District Holiday Cocktail Cookie Flight