Walkabout Apple Whiskey – 750 mL



Apple Whiskey Meets Craft Standards. We never use any artificial colors or ingredients in our products.


Inspired by Pittsburgher, Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman, we make Walkabout with regional apple cider, fresh off the orchard press.


Production of Walkabout begins in the late summer when we identify barrels of our Straight Whiskey that are ideal candidates for the finished spirit. We then add apple-wood staves directly into the oak barrel to begin the process of introducing apple flavors into the spirit. After additional aging with the apple wood staves, we dilute the whiskey from barrel strength to bottling strength with regional apple cider from local orchards.


Walkabout is a versatile pleaser, layered with apple flavor. Since we first created an Apple Whiskey more than seven years ago, it has become one of our biggest annual releases. It works well in a wide variety of applications: neat, on the rocks, mixed with ginger ale and a slice of lemon, or even as the star of a fall-themed Hot Toddy.


Tasting Notes: Apple, brown sugar


750 mL / 80 PROOF (40% ABV)

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