Afterglow Ginger Whiskey – 750 mL



Afterglow Ginger Whiskey was inspired by Industrial mogul Henry Clay Frick’s love child background. Frick was the product of an 1840s tryst between a wealthy whiskey baron’s daughter and a poor red-headed distillery worker. Their love affair on the grounds of the Overholt Distillery, south of Pittsburgh, produced one of the country’s fiercest industrialists. Their unconventional love story is the inspiration behind our own spicy lovechild: Afterglow Ginger Whiskey.


To make Afterglow, we lightly roast local ginger, grown for us by Chatham University at their Eden Hall Farm Campus. We then steep this freshly roasted whole ginger in our made-from-scratch Straight Organic American Whiskey and then mix in a small amount of organic brown sugar. The resulting spirit is a whiskey with a well-rounded sweet and spicy ginger character.


Tasting Notes: Ginger, Brown Sugar


750 mL / 80 PROOF (40% ABV)

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