Saffron Amaro – 750 mL



Award: Awarded our Industry’s highest honor–BEST IN CLASS by the American Craft Spirits Association.


When the Pennsylvania Dutch came to the United States from Europe they brought a tradition of growing saffron, a popular spice often associated with Mediterranean cooking.  This rich tradition is featured prominently in our very Wigle take on Amaro, a popular Italian herbal liqueur.  To make Saffron Amaro, we distill a mash of regionally grown apples into apple brandy and infuse the spirit with a complex blend of 12 botanicals including saffron, orange peel, and chamomile. This honey, citrus, and floral forward amaro is perfect sipped neat or in a cocktail like a classic Spritz or Negroni.  Celebrate la dolce vita Keystone State style!


Tasting Notes: saffron, citrus, chamomile, honey


750 mL / 80 PROOF (40% ABV)

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