Eau de Pickle – 375 mL



Award: Winner of the American Craft Spirits Association 2019 Innovation Award


A perfect pour to celebrate Pittsburgh’s pickle love. This special spirit is inspired by traditional botanicals used in pickling. Adventurous souls will love the balanced notes of brine and spice on its own or over ice, but it also makes a great foundation for classic and creative cocktails, such as a Bloody Mary or an out of the ordinary Martini (with a pickle garnish of course!). Eau de Pickle is a collaboration with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and has been featured at the Picklesburgh festival.

After distilling a rye mash two times, we brought the spirit to an even 100 proof then macerated dill weed, dill seed, garlic, mace, mustard, caraway, and coriander in the spirit overnight. After maceration we distilled the spirit (including the botanicals) one more time for a total of three distillations.


Tasting Notes: garlic, caraway, dill, coriander

375 mL / 80 PROOF (40% ABV)

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