Honey Bourbon – 750 mL




All summer long, hard working bees store the flavor of wildflower nectar in their signature product, honey. We were inspired by their diligence and paired regional honey with our own signature bourbon to make a smooth, sweet and floral spirit.

Honey Bourbon starts with Wigle Straight Pennsylvania Bourbon aged for 2 years in American oak barrels. Once harvested, it’s sweetened with just the right amount of raspberry blossom honey from local apiary, Bedillion Honey Farm to create a smooth, easy drinking libation. It’s a true honey bourbon, not a liqueur. Leave your other honey whiskies in the freezer and keep Wigle Honey Bourbon front and center on your bar!


Tasting Notes: Fresh flower, fig, pecan, citrus

Aged: 2 years


750 mL / 65 PROOF (32.5% ABV)

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