Saffron Negroni Bottled Cocktail – 200 mL

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Wigle Saffron Negroni is built upon two Wigle spirits that have each won Best in Class Awards from the Industry’s National Association. 

The Negroni was perhaps the original bottled cocktail, produced as a ready-to-drink offering as early as 1919. Wigle’s take on this classic cocktail comes in at 30% alcohol and combines 3 Wigle spirits; Wigle Saffron Amaro, Wigle Dutch-style Gin, and Wigle Amaro Vermut, a Sweet Vermouth. A flavor thread of saffron runs through Wigle’s Negroni. The Wigle team was inspired by the Pennsylvania Dutch who brought crocus bulbs, from which they harvested saffron, when they settled in PA. Saffron’s vivid yellow color and nuanced flavor is hard won. The difficult to harvest Saffron is known as the most expensive spice in the world. 

A Brief History of the Negroni

The Negroni was born in Florence, Italy in 1919 immediately following the First World War. It came of a turbulent time in Italy, known as Biennio Rosso, which was marked by intense social conflict and political unrest (sound familiar?). A Count, Camillo Negroni asked his friend, bartender Forsco Scarselli, to strengthen his favorite cocktail – the Americano – by replacing the soda water with gin. (Remember the intense political and social conflict?) Scarselli swapped an orange garnish for the Americano's lemon, and soon Italians near and far were nursing their ‘Negroni' cocktails.

The Negroni family were no fools and swiftly founded the Negroni Distillery in 1919, in Treviso, Italy, where they produced a ready-to-drink bottled Negroni cocktail.

What's in Wigle’s Saffron Negroni Bottled Cocktail? 

The Classic 3 Ingredient Negroni Cocktail is known for its elegant simplicity. The components to this Saffron Negroni are anything but. 


Wigle Dutch-style Gin: Winner of the Best in Category, American Craft Spirits Association. Rounder and fuller than modern London Dry gins. Juniper berries remain forefront but are joined by a number of other botanicals including earthy cardamom, peppery cubeb, and fragrant lavender to create a layered flavor experience.

Amaro Vermut, Wigle’s Sweet Vermouth: copper pot distilled from regional grain and infused with wormwood, cacao nibs, cinnamon, and cloves. An herbaceous and complex mixer. 

Saffron Amaro: Winner of Best in Category, American Craft Spirits Association. Regionally grown apples distilled into an apple brandy and infused with a complex blend of 12 botanicals including saffron, orange peel, and chamomile.

Tasting Notes: Saffron, herbaceousness note of gentian root and bitter orange, vanilla 

750 mL / 60 PROOF (30% ABV)

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