Smoked Bourbon


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Smoked Bourbon is back and better than ever. Achieving a balanced smoke flavor without sacrificing our focus on local terroir is the kind of challenge we love. Instead of peat smoked barley used to achieve a smoky flavor in Scotch, we looked to the American hardwoods cherry, apple, mesquite, and maple. Luckily, we have a long-time partnership with Valley Malt, a small-scale malt house in Amherst, MA that specializes in organic malts made in extremely small batches. They were able to smoke the malts we requested with maple and cherry wood to get us the sweet, terroir honoring flavor with a sweet nose and smoky finish. It’s our favorite whiskey to welcome in summer.

Mash Bill:

51% yellow dent corn
37% Smoked Malt (Maplewood and Cherry)
8% Brewers Malt
4% Malted Rye

46% ALC/VOL | 375mL