Single Barrel Straight Bourbon




These two single barrel Organic Straight Pennsylvania Bourbons present the perfect opportunity to explore differences between two corn varietals. Each of these two single barrels of bourbon are bottled at 100 proof and more than 4.5 years old. These two whiskeys were barreled just over a month apart. Barrel #72 showcases our organic Pennsylvania Bourbon made from traditional organic yellow dent corn. Barrel #75 showcases our organic Wapsie Valley Corn Bourbon, made with an open pollinated heirloom Wapsie Valley Corn, with a higher protein content than the yellow dent corn.

Join us for the release of these two special single barrels for Organic Straight Pennsylvania Bourbon!

Barrel #72

60% organic corn
20% organic malted barley
20% organic wheat

Barrel #75

54% Wapsie Valley corn
25% malted barley
21% soft winter wheat

750 mL / 50% ALC/VOL (100 PROOF)

Barrel #

#72 (Yellow Corn), #75 (Red Wapsie Valley Corn)