Single Barrel Straight Bourbon




These two wheated Organic Pennsylvania Bourbon are made with regional, organic soft winter wheat, organic malted barley, and either organic yellow dent corn or red Wapsie Valley heirloom corn. Production begins when we grind the whole grains into grist that once mixed with water and yeast, becomes the basis for one of America’s favorite spirits. Once the mash is fermented, we process moves to our copper kettle stills where the fermented mash is transformed into a high alcohol spirit that we age in new charred American oak barrels for 3.75 years.

The yellow corn variety (Barrel #73) is sweeter and softer than it’s spicier red corn cousin (Barrel #74).

Barrel #74

69% Organic Wapsie Valley Corn

21% Organic Malted Barley

10% Organic Wheat

Barrel #73

60% Organic Corn

20% Organic Malted Barley

20% Organic Wheat

750 mL / 50% ALC/VOL (100 PROOF)

Barrel #

#73 (Yellow Corn), #74 (Red Wapsie Valley Corn)