Rivers and Mountains Whiskey


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Part of our ongoing Brewers Series, Rivers and Mountains is a collaboration with Wigle, Rivertowne Brewing Co., Pittsburgh based band Swiss Army, and artist John Faust. After starting with a wort from Rivertowne fermented with brett yeast, we distilled it on our copper pot still, and barreled in used charred oak barrels in November of 2015. Bottled and labeled in July of 2018, Rivers and Mountains features label artwork by John Faust from Swiss Army’s album Paris Mountain. A true Pittsburgh collaboration.

We see wild-type yeasts as a way to experiment with flavors and qualities that some might see as a fault, but that can be appealing and interesting to explore.

Notes of charred lemon rind, sour cherry, rye, pepper, and vanilla.

46% ALC/VOL (92 PROOF)