Prescription Flask Set


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This set of 3 flasks offer quarantine relief in a tongue in cheek nod to 2020-2021.A flask of Straight American Whiskey is labeled as Quarantine Solution and promises to “maximize mirth among relations in close quarters.” It is joined by a flask of Straight Rye Whiskey, called Conversation Fluid “to conquer chronic cases of conversation cowardice.”.   A third flask of Eye Opener Extract, or Wigle Organic Gin, claims “to elevate excitement and eradicate ennui,”  which might strike during the 11th Netflix hour. The flask set comes in a Prohibition themed gift box, harkening back to the last period in America in which whiskey was offered for its “medicinal” values. 

If you visit our new restaurant and tasting room in Pittsburgh Strip District, you’ll find one of our bars is named Mellon’s Pharmacy. It’s a nod to Pittsburgh Andrew Mellon. As United States Treasury Secretary, Mellon granted a distillery he owned a medicinal license, which was the only legal way to keep on making whiskey during prohibition.

Of course, whiskey is not medicinal and should be enjoyed responsibly. And none of these spirits accomplish anything besides great flavor!!

3 x 200mL flasks packaged in a speciality box.

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