Werewolf Bourbon


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Wigle’s limited edition Werewolf Bourbon is powered by the moon. Wigle Distillers distilled, barreled, and harvested this Straight Bourbon under a full moon. The Bourbon was born in Aries and harvested in Virgo, under the “Harvest Moon”. Wigle Distillers diluted the spirit with moon water (which was extra charged with the addition of a Distiller’s moon stone).

Intended to spread the magic of the Halloween season, this Whiskey might also help you unwind after a long day of running from angry torch-wielding townsfolk. Smooth notes of white peach, toffee, and caramelized sugar predominate in this Straight Bourbon.

Age: 2 years in oak barrels

Alc/Vol: 40% alcohol

Proof: 80 poof

Tasting Notes: white peach, toffee, caramelized sugar