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Moonshot thinking starts with innovative drinking, and that’s why Wigle Whiskey and Moonshot Museum have teamed up to launch 412 the Moon Cinnamon Whiskey. Pittsburgh is going to the Moon and beyond, and the Moonshot Museum is holding a seat for you. Wigle 412 the Moon is making its debut to celebrate the grand opening of the Moonshot Museum.

Bottles of Wigle 412 the Moon Cinnamon Whiskey begin as regional wheat and malted barley grain that the Wigle Production team procures from local farms. They mill and ferment the grain in-house, then distill it in Wigle’s copper pot still. After barrel-resting, the Whiskey is infused with whole, Ceylon, and Cassia cinnamon and just a bit of sugar. The final product is a Whiskey bursting with true cinnamon flavor and an out-of-this-world spice.

9.99% of bottle sales will be donated to further Moonshot Museums’ mission to inspire a diverse community to find their place in the future of human space exploration through innovative exhibitions and programs fueled by science, technology, engineering, and the arts.

375 mL / 80 Proof (40% ABV)

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