Pennsylvania Rye





The big, rich, spicy cousin to every other rye whiskey. Oakey and caramely at first, with a distinctive black pepper finish that you feel up in your nose. Made with organic rye, organic wheat, organic malted barley

Pittsburgh was the original home of whiskey-making in America. The German immigrants were familiar with Rye grain and the Scottish immigrants knew how to distill, so it made for a natural marriage. These farmer-distillers eventually grew it into a massive industry, far out-pacing the corn whiskey sales coming out of Kentucky. Going into Prohibition, we had 15+ rye whiskey distilleries in Western Pennsylvania, with many of them being some of the biggest in the country.

The mash bill will change depending on the flavor potency of each grain so that the final whiskey always ends up being nicely consistent in flavor.

42% ALC/VOL (84 PROOF)

Weight N/A

750ml, 375ml, 200ml