Pennsylvania Rye




This Organic Rye Whiskey takes its cues from the original American Whiskey, Monongahela Rye.  Western Pennsylvania produced this style of Rye for more than 100 years. We distill this approachable Rye on our traditional pot still. As you dive in, you’ll find your taste buds steeped in dried tart cherries and the aromatic skins of stone fruit and vanilla. Notes of cinnamon and clove and finally walnut, black tea, and distinctive pepper, provide this Rye structure and layers of depth.

As will all of our spirits, Wigle makes this spirit from scratch from regional ingredients. Hell-bent on producing the most bursting-with-terroir and inventive spirits, we mill, ferment and pot-distill all of our products at our family owned distillery in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.


Mash Bill: of 68% regional organic rye, 18% regional organic wheat and 14% organic malted barley.

Age: 2-4 years

Barrels: 25 & 53 Gallon

Each batch is composed of a blend of 25 gallon barrels that have matured for at least 2 years and 53 gallon barrels that have matured between 3 and 4 years.

Awards: Wigle was named a 2018 James Beard Awards Semi-Finalist and this Rye was featured in the New York Times in Summer of 2018. Winner of a 2018 American Craft Spirits Association Bronze Medal.

42% ALC/VOL (84 PROOF)

Weight N/A

750ml, 375ml, 200ml