Oaxaca Rye


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Oaxaca Rye marries two regional spirit traditions РPennsylvania Rye and Oaxaca Mezcal. We reached out to a small distillery in Oaxaca to partner on this project. The 5th generation family Wahaka Distillery reminds us of Wigle in many ways and they were excited to trade barrels. They sent us used espadin Mezcal barrels and we sent them our used Rye Whiskey barrels. The first time we tried this exchange, the Mezcal barrels were stolen in Austin! Thankfully, our second attempt worked and we were able to transfer our Straight, 2 year old Monongahela Rye Whiskey into their Mezcal barrels for another year of aging.

The resulting Whiskey has a soft, herbal smoke that reveals its time and contact with spicy mezcal oak.

40% ALC/VOL | 750mL