Northern Exposure


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The special release of our Northern Exposure whiskey may be one of this year’s most highly anticipated seasonal products. With wintry flavors of roasted malt and maple, this elegant whiskey is the perfect fit for a ski resort, an after dinner drink, or a relaxing sipper to enjoy during couch time with Netflix. This whiskey was distilled from a mash of three different kinds of malted barley and aged for more than two years in oak barrels. But we didn’t stop there. It spent another two years in finishing casks that were previously used to mature locally-produced maple syrup. The result — a whole extra layer of flavor and warmth that will be perfect for a cold night in front of a warm fire. Our first bach of Northern Exposure was released in 2016 to rave reviews. It’s been a long wait for our second release, but we promise it’s been well worth it! 

The Northern Exposure mash bill:

50% Organic 2-Row Malt
38% Organic Bonlander Munich Malt
12%  Organic Caramel Malt

Aging info:

New and used cooperage before transferring into maple syrup barrels for finishing. 

46% ALC/VOL | 750mL