2020 Gold Medal Winners

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These three spirits took home Gold at this year’s 2020 American Craft Spirits Association triple blind competition. Wigle’s Saffron Amaro also took home the Industry’s highest honor, Best in Class.
Get a taste of Best in Class!
1 x 750mL Pennsylvania Straight Single Barrel Rye Whiskey, 1 x 750ml Saffron Amaro, 1 x 750mL Port Rye Whiskey finished in Port Wine Casks
More about each spirit:

Wigle’s Saffron Amaro

When the Pennsylvania Dutch came to the United States from Europe they brought a tradition of growing saffron, a popular spice often associated with Mediterranean cooking.  This rich tradition is featured prominently in our very Wigle take on Amaro, a popular Italian herbal liqueur.  To make Saffron Amaro, we distill a mash of regionally grown apples into apple brandy and infuse the spirit with a complex blend of 12 botanicals including saffron, orange peel, and chamomile. This honey, citrus, and floral forward amaro is perfect sipped neat or in a cocktail like a classic Spritz or Negroni.  Check out our suggestions below. Celebrate la dolce vita Keystone State style!

Awarded our Industry’s highest honor–BEST IN CLASS by the American Craft Spirits Association.

40% ALC/VOL (80 PROOF) | 750 mL

Spring Garden Saffron Spritz

5 oz. Threadbare Northern Spy or Stayman Winesap Cider
1 oz Wigle Saffron Amaro
Splash of soda water
Orange wheel for garnish

Fill a collins glass with ice. Add the Saffron Amaro then the Cider and stir gently. Top with a splash of soda water or seltzer and garnish with an orange wheel.

Saffron Negroni

1 oz Wigle Gin
1 oz Wigle Saffron Amaro
1 oz Wigle Cocktail Mixer #1 or your favorite red sweet vermouth
Orange twist to garnish

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and strain into a rocks glass with a big ice cube. Garnish with an orange twist.

Wigle Single Barrel Straight Rye

With this Whiskey, we continue our efforts to bring back a forgotten style of Rye Whiskey, Monongahela Rye, the gold standard of whiskey in 1800 and 1900s America.

We age our Single Barrel Straight Rye a minimum of 4 years in new charred 53 gallon oak barrels. Bottled from a single barrel at 100 proof this Rye has the traditional rye flavors of dried tart cherries and stone fruit.  These are complemented by deeper notes of caramel, chestnut, black tea and cedar, and rounded out with light vanilla, pepper, and apple. Mouthfeel is smooth, with a spicy pepper finish. What Scotch is to Scotland, this Monongahela Rye is to Western Pennsylvania.

Mash Bill: of 68% regional organic rye, 18% regional organic wheat and 14% organic malted barley.

Age: 4+ years

Barrels: Single 53 Gallon

50% ALC/VOL (100 Proof) | 750 mL


Wigle Port Rye Whiskey

Port Rye was barreled in new charred oak barrels and finished in Tawny Port wine barrels to bestow a rich, velvety mouthfeel and sweetness to compliment the spiciness of its rye grain mash bill.

750 mL / 46% ALC/VOL (92 PROOF)