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Brewers Series Bundle

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1 x 375mL Hopped Whiskey, 1 x 375mL O’zapft is Whiskey, 1 x 375mL Roasty Whiskey
Wigle Hopped Whiskey

Our current batch of Hopped Whiskey is a blend of two distinct whiskies; one with Cascade hops and the other one using Nugget hops. We vapor infused our whiskey with 15 pounds of locally grown hops and added another 20 pounds of hops to the low wines before the final distillation.

One challenge in making a hopped whiskey is incorporating the flavor of hops without making the product overwhelmingly bitter. This layered production process yields a whiskey with the citrus and floral qualities we love from hop flowers without the bitterness you might expect from an IPA.

Wigle Roasty Whiskey 

Roasty is a Wigle Brewers Series collaboration between Wigle Whiskey, Full Pint Brewing Company, and artist Patrick Lee.  Inspired by Full Pint’s Rye Rebellion Imperial Stout beer, Roasty is made with no less than 6 different organic malts (see below) in the mash bill, delivering decadent nut and chocolate flavors in the finished whiskey. Aged in new charred American Oak barrels for 2 years, you’ll find notes of rested hazelnut, chocolate, and a finish of sweet grain. Certified Organic and Straight (aged over 2 years) Whiskey.

The Roasty Mash Bill includes 65% Pilsner Malt, 13% Malted Rye, 7% Roasted Barley, 7% Crystal Rye, 5% Chocolate Rye, 3% Black Malt.

46% ALC/VOL | 375mL

Wigle O’Zapft is Whiskey

O’Zapft is! It’s tapped! This is how the Mayor of Munich kicks off Oktoberfest each year as he breaks and taps the first barrel of beer. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival and it has been hosted in Munich, Germany since 1810. It’s so popular that many other cities across the world hold similar festivals, including Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh. Part of our ongoing Brewers Series, O’Zapft is is a collaboration with Wigle, Penn Brewery, and Pittsburgh artist Abbie Adams.

Made from distilled Penn Brewery Oktoberfest beer, a Munich-style lager with nutty, toasty, and caramel characteristics, it took about four hours with volunteers to pour all of the beer into the still. The result is a tasty whiskey reminiscent of Scotch whisky, with notes of cherry, vanilla, and oak. Aged in used cooperage for 20 months, it’s a fun way to participate in the festivities even from the comfort of your home.