Absent Minded Absinthe – 375ml


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Pot-distilled from regional wheat, this absinthe was infused with wormwood, fennel, mint, orange peel, and star anise, then re-distilled. When mixed with chilled water, this high-proof spirit’s essential oils gently emulsify and create the traditional, marvelous, cloudy effect known as the louche, releasing sweetly herbal citrus notes.

375 mL | 62.05% ALC/VOL (124.1 PROOF)

What is Swiss-Style Absinthe?

Most absinthe is green in color and is called Absinthe “Verte” — it has undergone a secondary maceration of botanicals, leaving it with a green coloring (part of why it was called the “Green Fairy”). A way to make the colors match the flavors. Swiss-style absinthe, often called “Bleue,” is bottled clear in color (but typically in a blue bottle). Swiss-style does not undergo another maceration of botanicals. The flavor is often described as less bitter, cleaner, and slightly sweet. Wigle chose to make an absinthe in this style for those exact characteristics: clean aromatic flavors with little-to-no bitterness.