COC Holiday 375 mL 3 Pack


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This Holiday 3 Pack includes a 375 mL Bottle of City of Champions, Yule Tidings & St. Nicks.

St. Nick – Toast to another holiday season with St. Nick. To produce this holiday favorite, Wigle Distillers begin with Penn Brewery’s St. Nikolaus Bock, a traditional German-style brew that boasts an array of roasty malt flavors balanced with a subtle touch of hops. They place this well-balanced Bock into our artisanal copper pot still for a double-distillation, then rest it in American oak casks for 1 year.

Tasting Notes

Cocoa nibs, malted barley, nutmeg

375 mL | 46% Alc/vol | 92 Proof

Yule Tidings – Yule Tidings is Wigle’s oldest spirit on shelves this holiday season! Made from a blend of malt whisky and honey spirits, known as Braggot, Yuel Tidings is aged for 8 years and 6 months in new American Oak Barrels. A secondary aging period of 9 months in emptied Troegs Independent Brewing Barrels adds prominent tasting notes of vanilla.

Tasting Notes

Honey, vanilla, pink peppercorn

375 mL | 46% Alc/vol | 92 Proof

City Of Champs – Every so often our barrelhouse manager tastes through the delicious whiskey aging in our barrelhouses and comes across exceptional bourbon barrels; casks that stand out even amongst our own award-winning batches. We often use these special “honey barrels” to honor the best of the best here in Pittsburgh. This product celebrates Pittsburgh’s champions, including you!

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Oak

Aged: 2 years

375 mL/ 92 PROOF (46% ABV)