Bird in Hand Bottled Sazerac Cocktail


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There is no easier way to entertain or to enjoy a labor free cocktail at the end of a hard day than with one of our Ready to Drink Cocktails. This season we are excited to add Bird in Hand to the lineup. Bird in Hand captures the classic Sazerac cocktail using our Pennsylvania Rye, Absent Minded Absinthe, and aromatic + rosemary lavender bitters. Just pour over ice and enjoy!

“Bird in Hand” is a reference to Aaron Bird and Thomas Handy, the two men who seem to be credited with inventing/popularizing the Sazerac cocktail. The drink is purported to have been invented by Bird, originally using Sazerac brand Cognac, in the 1850s at the Sazerac Coffee House. Eventually, Bird turned over proprietership of the Sazerac Coffee House to Thomas Handy, who subsequently changed the recipe of the Sazerac cocktail to call for Rye rather than Cognac. This change was due to a blight in France that affected vineyard production and limited the availability of Cognac. Handy is credited as the first person to commit the recipe for the Sazerac to print, and it’s his Rye version that has persisted.