Weekly Specials

Poached Salmon Dip

Threadbare Cider poached salmon dip, grilled Mediterra Sourdough / $10

Korean BBQ Chicken Poutine

braised chicken, cheddar curds, chives / $14 

Duck Confit

ricotta Cavatelli, brussels sprouts, caramelized onion, kale pesto, pecorino romano / $19

Braised Jubilee Hilltop Beef Sandwich

 Mediterra pretzel bun, horseradish aioli, Swiss cheese, choice of side / $17


Smallman Street Sazerac pa straight rye, absent minded absinthe, and rosemary lavender bitters / $11

Barrel Aged Monhattan pa straight rye, amaro vermut, pomander orange bitters, aged 3 weeks / $13

City of Champions Old Fashioned city of champions bourbon, brown sugar, pomander orange bitters / $11

Saffron Negroni dutch-style gin, amaro vermut, saffron amaro / $11

Seven Seas of Rye American rye kilted cask, olive, oregano, lemon, egg white, aromatic bitters / $14

Liza thyme-infused dutch-style gin, cranberry, lemon, dry cider / $13

W.A.P (Whiskey + Pear) cinnamon whiskey, pear liqueur, lemon / $13

Barracuda landlocked oaked, apple brandy, coffee liqueur, orange, coconut cream / $13

Big+Rich walkabout apple whiskey, lemon, maple syrup, cream soda, spiced cider / $13

Looking Glass apple brandy, nocino, saffron amaro, aromatic bitters / $13

Belafonte white rum, pomegranate, rosemary, lime / $12

Glow Up afterglow ginger whiskey, pink peppercorn-infused apple brandy, lemon / $13

Lo-Hi coffee liqueur, pa straight bourbon, brown sugar, heavy cream, mole bitters / $13


Foundations pa straight bourbon, pa straight rye, dutch style gin, landlocked spiced rum / $10

Barrel Finished madeira bourbon, sherry cask rye, port rye, american rye kilted cask / $12

Flavored cinnamon whiskey, afterglow ginger whiskey, coffee liqueur, rhubarb liqueur / $11

Bottled Cocktail bourbon old fashioned, bird in hand, manhattan, saffron negroni / $12

Fall Flight honey bourbon, strip district reserve, walkabout apple whiskey, smoked bourbon / $12

Build Your Own / $13

Threadbare Cider

Spiced fall in a bottle, with notes of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg + clove / 7% ABV / $8

Hey Sweetie notes of applie pie, caramel + vanilla

6% ABV / $8

Bouquet de Rosé very pink rose cider; hibiscus and rose hips, effervescent / 7% ABV / $8

Brandy Finished notes of brandy, oak / 7.5% ABV / $8

Pineapple sweet + tart with notes of ripe apple, fresh fruit, mango, baking spice + nuts / 8% ABV/ $8

Dry crisp + tart, made with wild-type yeast varieties / 7.5% ABV / $8


Beer on Tap

Filtered Distraction Hitchhiker / Vanilla Latte Coffee Stout / 7.0% ABV / $8

Norwegian Lights Four Seaasons / Hazy IPA / 6.7% ABV / $8

Royal Weisse Slyfox / Heffeweizen / 5.6% ABV / $8

General Braddock’s Brew Gentlemen / Hazy IPA / 6.8% ABV / $8

Dammit Evan Washington Brewing Company / White Stout / 6.2% ABV / $8

Canned Beer

Haze Charmer tröegs / pineapple + grapefruit / hazy pale ale / 5.5% / $8

Non Alcoholic

Coffee la prima dark roast / $2

Natrona Sodas ginger beer, vanilla cream soda, cola, bitter lemon / $3


Small Plates

Sweet Potato Hummus fried rosemary, soergel’s apple cider glaze, grilled mediterra sourdough / $10

Pierogi potato + cheddar pierogi, kielbasa, barrel-cured sauerkraut, chives, sour cream / $12

Beans + Greens Nachos broccoli rabe, parma Italian sausage, cannellini beans, smoked provolone cheese sauce / $14

 Crispy Cheese Curds Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds, bbq spice, candied jalapeno, wigle sherry cask finished rye aioli / $13

Cheddar + Apple Arancini deep fried risotto, tillamook sharp cheddar, soergel’s apple butter / $12

Loaded Crispy Brussel Sprouts threadbare cider braised pork, paul family farm pale bourbon aioli, hidden hills buttercup / $13

Soups & Salads

Poached Pear Salad threadbare cider + wigle cinnamon whiskey poached pears, baby kale, arugula, parma coppa secca, hidden hills buttercup, wigle gin soaked golden raisins, wigle walkabout apple cider vinaigrette / $13

Wigle House Salad mixed greens, radish, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, roasted cipollini onions, crispy chickpeas, hidden hills bolton feta, wigle smoked bourbon balsamic vinaigrette / $13


white wine vinaigrette, Wigle bourbon & peach vinaigrette, ranch, 1000 island, green goddess

Salad Additions:

salmon (6oz) / $10

french fries / $2

chicken thigh (fried or grilled) / $7


Wigle Burger applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, pickles, duke’s mayo, mediterra pretzel bun / $17

Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese fresh mozzarella, provolone, roasted garlic butter, mediterra sourdough / $13

add a cup of housemade tomato soup / $6

add applewood bacon ($3) or wigle bourbon bbq pork ($5)

Pastrami Reuben pastrami, house 1000 island, barrel-cured sauerkraut, swiss, mediterra seeded rye / $16

Lonzetta Sandwich parma rosemary pork loin, broccoli rabe, smoked provolone, pepperoncini aioli, mediterra pretzel bun / $15

Fried Chicken Sandwich buttermilk brined chicken, wigle’s bourbon honey mustard, arugula, pickles (can be grilled upon request) / $14

Choice of Side:

fries, chips, salad, mac & cheese (+$2)


Grilled Salmon soergel’s apple cider glaze, crispy brussels sprouts, sweet potato puree / $19

Mac + Cheese smoked provolone cheese sauce, ranch crumb / $16

add wigle bourbon buffalo fried chicken ($7) or threadbare cider braised pork ($5)

Falafel Waffle (VGTN / VGN+) sour cream cucumber salad, house-made fresno chili hot sauce / $14