flavored Whiskey Cocktails

flavored Whiskey Cocktails

A manhattan is arguable the classic whiskey cocktail that can be made with rye (or your whiskey of choice!). The Wigle Monhattan is a play on this in that we are using our take on Monongahela Rye (the Monongahela is one of the three major rivers in Pittsburgh) and Wigle Cocktail Mixer No. 1, our take on a sweet vermouth built on sweet cider rather than fortified wine for a uniquely Pennsylvania influence.

2 oz Wigle Organic Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey
1 oz Wigle Cocktail Mixer #1 (sweet vermouth)
3-4 dashes Wigle Organic Pomander Orange Bitters
Cocktail cherry and orange peel for garnish

Carefully measure all ingredients, pouring them into a mixing glass. Add a generous scoop of ice, and stir until well chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe or rocks glass with a large cube and garnish with your favorite cocktail cherry and orange peel. Express the orange peel oils over the finished cocktail before serving!

Arguably, the definition of a cocktail (spirits, bitters, sugar and water), the old fashioned as experience a resurgence. We serve it at the distillery without muddled slices of orange and cherries, though many people enjoy the more fruit forward versions of this cocktail.

2 oz of your favorite Wigle Whiskey (rye, wheat, bourbon or something more adventurous!)
1 sugar cube
2 dashes Wigle Organic Pomander Orange
2 dashes Wigle Organic Aromatic Bitters
Splash of water

In a rocks glass, saturate the sugar cube with bitters. Add a splash of water, and muddle until dissolved. Add whiskey and large cube, and stir until well chilled. Garnish with a large swath of orange peel.