A Fresh Squeezed Take On The Classic Whiskey Sour Cocktail

wigle whiskey sour no egg recipe strip district bar

Check out all the products used in this Whiskey Cocktail below! A very Wigle approach to a traditional whiskey sour, this springtime favorite offers a sweet lemon cocktail that is simple to make while still offering a complex mix of flavors. For those egg-adverse people out there (especially our vegan friends,) this is a whiskey […]

Wigle’s 3 Favorite Ways to Make an Old Fashioned Drink

wigle whiskey old fashioned-drink-ingredients

Check out all the products used in this cocktail below! What is more quintessential of a whiskey cocktail than an Old Fashioned drink? Arguably, the definition of a cocktail (spirits, bitters, sugar and water), the old fashioned has experienced a resurgence in recent years. We serve this traditional whiskey drink at the Wigle Distillery located […]

Rethink Your Manhattan Drink With This Locally Crafted Cocktail

wigle rye whiskey manhattan drink

Check out all the products used in this Manhattan cocktail below! A Manhattan is arguably the most classic whiskey drink made with Rye Whiskey (or your whiskey of choice!). The Wigle Manhattan is made with a traditional recipe and Manhattan cocktail ingredients are very simple. Just Rye Whiskey, Vermouth, Cocktail Bitters, and a Cherry Garnish! […]