The Perfect Beer Cocktail for A Summer Loving Dad

wigle whiskey hitchiker beer cocktail mixed drink recipe

cHecK out tHe spirits in tHis cocKtaiL we can’t think of a better combo than beer and rum For those who typically enjoy lemon vodka drinks to sip on porch side – switch things up with this rum filled beer cocktail! Anyone who finds themselves enjoying boilermakers typically turn to something more refreshing during the […]

Perfect Summer Fizzy Gin Hibiscus Drink To Make At Home

Wigle gin highball cocktail with rosewater and hibiscus simple syrup

cHecK out tHe spirits in tHis cocKtaiL gin and rosewater are a perfect pair 🌹 When it’s summer alcoholic drinks made with gin are highly requested from Wigle bartenders. This fizzy gin highball drink is a best seller on the Wigle cocktail list and an easy cocktail to make at home! Similar to the fitzgerald […]

Summer Drinks Series – Guava Mojito Cocktail

Wigle White Rum Guava Cider Mojito Recipe

cHecK out tHe spirits in tHis cocKtaiL fruity alcohol drinks never go out of style 🏝 Guava cocktails are what Wigle staff are reaching for this summer, particularly this Guava Mojito! The best mojito recipe incorporates fresh lime juice and home made simple syrup. We’re putting a non-traditional spin on our mint mojito with Threadbare […]

Gin Cocktail Recipe Inspired By A Sweet Dirty Shirley Temple

Wigle Pittsburgh Made Gin

cHecK out tHe spirits in tHis cocKtaiL a spiked shirley temple cocktail? yes please! 🍒 Your favorite childhood drink just grew up! Punch up the classic Shirley Temple with this gin cocktail recipe. A fun fruity cocktail, this alcoholic Shirley Wigle Gin cocktail inspired by Shirley Temple Cherry Mixed DrinkTemple is inspired by the modern classic […]

A Fresh Squeezed Take On The Classic Whiskey Sour Cocktail

wigle whiskey sour no egg recipe strip district bar

cHecK out tHe spirits in tHis cocKtaiL Wigle Whiskey Sour Recipe A very Wigle approach to a traditional whiskey sour, this springtime favorite offers a sweet lemon cocktail that is simple to make while still offering a complex mix of flavors. For those egg-adverse people out there (especially our vegan friends,) this is a whiskey […]

Wigle’s 3 Favorite Ways to Make an Old Fashioned Drink

wigle whiskey old fashioned-drink-ingredients

cHecK out tHe spirits in tHis cocKtaiL *Shipping available to Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Pictured: Wigle Rye Old Fashioned Ready To Drink CocktailPictured: Wigle Pennsylvania Straight Rye bourbon and rye the old fashioned way What is more quintessential of a whiskey cocktail than an Old Fashioned drink? Arguably, the definition of a cocktail (spirits, bitters, […]

Rethink Your Manhattan Drink With This Locally Crafted Cocktail

wigle rye whiskey manhattan drink

cHecK out tHe spirits in tHis cocKtaiL fall cocktail drinks with coffee are the vibe 🍂 A Manhattan is arguably the most classic whiskey drink made with Rye Whiskey (or your whiskey of choice!). The Wigle Manhattan is made with a traditional recipe and Manhattan cocktail ingredients are very simple. Just Rye Whiskey, Vermouth, Cocktail […]

Check Out This Refreshing Twist on a Classic Aperol Drink – Mix Up A Limoncello Spritz

wigle-whiskey limoncello spritz aperol drink

cHecK out tHe spirits in tHis cocKtaiL cider spritz are our little secret🍎🍏 Toast to summer with Wigle’s Limoncello Spritz, titled “Sunny Disposition” for its rosy hue! The typical Campari spritz or Aperol spritz recipe inspired our bartenders to incorporate favorite flavors like pomegranate and orange to balance out the tangy zesty Limoncello! Wigle’s fresh […]