Do you take reservations for dining?

We currently take online reservations for the distillery! The kitchen is open Wednesday through Sunday. Walk-ins are still welcomed, but we recommend a reservation for larger parties.

I want to book a Distillery tour for my friends and family! 

Click here to view and book our available tours. We currently hold five tours every Saturday with 20 guests per tour. Looking for a private tour? Email info@wiglewhiskey.com

I have food allergies. Can you modify meals to be gluten free/dairy free?

Our kitchens are not allergen free. We can only make substitutions or modifications. If an ingredient is easily removable, such as cheese on a salad, we can remove it from the menu item to avoid the allergen. If an ingredient is already incorporated into a dish, such as in a sauce or pre-made dip, we can recommend another menu item that is safe for you. 


Where do you ship Wigle products? 

We can only ship Wigle bottles to addresses in PA or DC. We cannot ship to any other state. It’s just the law we must follow!

I didn’t receive my shipment yet. Where is it? 

All of our Wigle packages ship via UPS. We package shipments within 48 hours of receiving your order. As soon as your order is packaged and put into the UPS system, you are emailed a tracking number.

I received my tracking information, but it is not here yet.

Once we hand a shipment over to UPS, it is in their hands and timeline. We cannot get the package back or move the timeline ahead. 

Do you offer expedited shipping? 

No, we do not offer expedited shipping at this time. Deliveries are expected to be received 5-7 days ordering.

My package was denied/delivery was attempted, but the shipment was not left at my door!

Because we ship alcohol, all deliveries must be accepted and signed by someone 21+. If no one answers or someone 21+ is not around, UPS will not leave the package. Three delivery attempts will be made. After that, the package comes back to us. 

Can I cancel my order?

As long as it has not shipped yet, yes. Send an email to info@wiglewhiskey.com to check on the status of your order.

I received broken bottles! 

That’s our fault! Send an email to info@wiglewhiskey.com with your name, phone number, and email so we can send a replacement package. 

I received the wrong bottles! 

That’s our fault! Send an email to info@wiglewhiskey.com with your name, phone number, and email so we can send a replacement package. 


Are your products gluten free?

It depends on a person’s sensitivity and willingness to take a risk. All our whiskeys are made with grain that contain gluten. While distillation probably strips away most of the gluten, we cannot make that guarantee. Our still is also not as efficient as a big still at a major distillery, so again, we cannot say with 100% certainty that it is gluten free. 

We do have products made without grain (like our Landlocked Spiced Rum), but all are produced on the same equipment as our whiskeys. 

Why does my liqueur have sediment at the bottom of the body?

With respect to liqueurs, the products have lots of sugar and other flavor (in the case of Coffee Liqueur, coffee grounds), both of which can facilitate the precipitation of sugar to the bottom of the bottle.  If shaken, this precipitation will be in the product.  This is not to say we do not filter the product.  We constantly try to strike a balance between filtering (presentation) and flavor.  The more we filter, the more coffee and other flavors are stripped out. 

Why does my whiskey have floating sediment?

Ultimately, it’s totally normal for this precipitation to form in bottles of our whiskey because we take a very minimal approach to filtration and we take a full-bodied approach to the distillation or our whiskey. We believe this helps us make the best-tasting whiskey we can.  

The longer answer: by definition, filtering involves separating and stripping components of the finished product. We work hard to craft a full-flavored, pot-distilled whiskey, and then wait for time in the barrel to mature the spirit.

A lot of chemistry happens during fermentation, distillation and aging, and a whole host of new chemicals form in the barrel through oxidative and extractive processes. These compounds are part of what gives whiskey its distinct flavor. When we empty barrels, we use a barrier filter without chilling the whiskey. The barriers are rated to different particle sizes.  This catches hunks of charcoal that break loose during aging, but may allow particulate break-through. This is one possible contributor to sediment.

Another likely cause is a class of flavor compounds called esters, which may contribute to haze and slight sedimentation (especially at low temperatures, like during the winter in Pennsylvania!). Esters form during fermentation and barrel aging (through oxidation). They give whiskey its body, and add heft on the palate. They’re important! But they also are not always so soluble — imagine mixing sugar into cold water. Warm the water (or whiskey) up, and the haze tends to disappear. Most larger distilleries do something called chill filtering which strips haze-causing fatty acids and esters from the spirit. This keeps the product clear at the cost of flavor. 

Do your liqueurs need to be refrigerated?

No, our liqueurs do not need to be refrigerated once opened due to high alcohol and sugar content.

Do you sell your barrels?

We do sell used cooperage! Please contact taylor@wiglewhiskey.com for availability and information. 


I want to plan a private event! 

We’d love to host your friends and family! Please fill out this product request form. 

I want to hold a virtual cocktail class or tasting! 

We offer virtual classes to a variety of groups. Please send an email to info@wiglewhiskey.com with your request. 

I am a non-profit planning a sponsorship event. Can Wigle help?

We offer special on-site Non-Profit Night at our sites. Please send an email to info@wiglewhiskey.com for more information. 


I want Wigle at my bar/restaurant! How do I get it?

We’re excited to work with you! Please send an email to info@wiglewhiskey.com for more information. 


Email us at info@wiglewhiskey.com