Keith Moquin

Tour Guide

Born on the banks of the three rivers (1), Keith was captured at the age of 6 and forces to spend his formative years amongst the natives of Central PA (2). At 18 he escaped to the wilderness of Happy Valley where he met fellow tour guide Emily (3). After Penn State, Keith made a glorious return to his homeland in 2005. He earned a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and now works for a large chemical company in the area (4). An avid home brewer, he loves all things craft and can’t wait to share this passion with you. Stop by for a drink!

1. Not literally on the banks, I was born in a hospital several blocks inland.

2. Harrisburg is a lovely place and my parents are awesome. Hi mom!

3. She’s also my wife.

4. Hint: the company owns the gigantic glass castle downtown.