Katie Walker

Tasting Room

Katie will always be a Northern Californian at heart, but caught the travel bug early and loves getting out of her comfort zone. As the song says... “Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.” Living (and eating) in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Japan led to her passion for food and agriculture, which is what eventually brought her to Pittsburgh (Michael Chabon had a hand in that too) to pursue an MA in Food Studies at Chatham University. Katie is passionate about: sustainable agriculture, fermentation, the power of good food, and the importance of soil. When she’s not slinging whiskey, she can be found in her kitchen (cooking, fermenting, canning, dancing), on a farm (digging her hands in the earth, harvesting luscious vegetables, milking goats, pulling weeds), biking or running around town, or planning her next trip.