Kate Lukaszewicz

Tour Guide

Kate is locally born and bred, and has deep passions for the following: Pittsburgh, whiskey, the American presidents, polished non-fiction writing, primary sources, and people. An educator at heart, Kate has taught at the Allegheny County Jail, Baltimore City Public Schools, and now at an institution that pays her to educate kids about the Whiskey Rebellion. She is eager to expand this audience to grown folk to whom she can freely and recklessly espouse her love of spirits (that does not go over well with the kiddos). If she’s not in the Strip, Kate can likely be found running/lollygagging in Frick Park, holed up in an archives, or tucked away, reading something lovely. If you want to strike up conversation with Kate, ask her about the men who have broken her heart. She’ll be glad to dish the dirt.