Justin Williams

Tour Guide

A philosopher chameleon, Justin's background is as varied as the many beard-styles he sports. As a Texan born in Indy and armed with a degree in Philosophy from Notre Dame, he is now proudly taking root in the Steel City. Justin retains his Texan heritage through the pride in his BBQ, the real kind that is made with smoke and patience. He also has a decadent passion for home brewing to go along with his love of the whiskey, which leads to some creative concoctions. When he isn't hanging around Wigle, cooking over a fire, or brewing beer he is likely at his day job as an operations manager for a manufacturing company in Oakdale. Justin lives in a rowhouse just south of Wainwright's Island with his wife, a book and paper conservator who preserves historical documents for libraries and museums, and their adopted pitbull boxer mix, Troegs. He is very excited to be joining the Wigle team, and is looking forward to meeting you! Stop on by and meet his newest beard-style!