Jordan Pallitto

Tour Guide

Jordan (“JP”) is a pretty approachable guy who cut his tour guide teeth interning for a Member of the United States House of Representatives in Washington, DC, where his audiences ooh-ed andawe-ed semi-fabricated stories about the genesis of the Capitol Building and the on and off-color behaviors of our Founding Fathers. He was raised in Jeannette, Pennsylvania and came to Pittsburgh in 2005 for graduate school (where, incidentally, he befriended Eric, future co-proprietor of Wigle Whiskey). By day, Jordan is a management consultant with The Hill Group. By night, he volunteers on a number of nonprofit boards and spends time downtown, in the Strip District, and wherever he can find good food, drinks, and friends. His favorite Wigle cocktail is a “Mo-wheat-o.” Developed by his dad, Dave, it’s a spin on the traditional Cuban drink.