Gita Michulka

Graphic Designer and Event Coordinator

Over the past 15 years Gita has worked at numerous haunts, both in and out of the 'Burgh - at a billiards club, a pharmacy, a bakery in the Strip, a publishing company, as a nanny, as a graphic designer for a civil engineering firm, and even under the helm of an exuberant sommelier at an exquisite local restaurant. Her wide variety of experiences have shaped her in to the Design and Event Coordination Monster (trademark pending) she is today. Her love of whiskey is just the icing on the cake! She thinks outside the box and always has new and innovative ideas bouncing off her energetic self! Though she is a Pitt and Art Institute of Pittsburgh Alum and has spent over half her life in this fair city, she is embarrassed to admit she has not yet been to the mysteriously small park that sits off the Boulevard of the Allies. She hopes to make it there soon as she and her husband take their son and pitbull on more adventures through this ever-blossoming town.