Everett Herman

Tour Guide

Everett, hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, is excited to be a part of the Wigle team. After meeting (and marrying) a nice Pittsburgh gal, Everett thought it would be a worthy endeavor to pursue a Ph.D in education at the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently studying how to encourage students to become more interested in getting engaged in their local community to help identify sustainable solutions for social problems. Everett stumbled across the Wigle Distillery during his research of the fine food and drink throughout Pittsburgh. With a bountiful Wigle selection in his liquor cabinet (the Deep Cut is his favorite), it was quite logical to heed his friend (and longtime drinking companion’s) suggestion to start working for them. When not eating, cooking, or enjoying adult libations Everett tries to find time to travel, golf, ski, kayak, and play the occasional game of pickup basketball.